Sculpting massage intensity: Sculpting massage intensity



Every scuplting massage is available for one or two

Intensité : légèreIntroductory 25 mins : 55€
Relaxing esthetic message is a real moment of escape. A soft heat wraps you for an infinite relaxation.

Intensité : légère

The present moment (custom-made product) 25mins : 55€
Massage discovery for a custom-made sensory escape. Choose one or two zones according to your desires or your needs : backs, legs,    feet, arms, hands, visage or head skin.

Intensité : moyenneSports massage* 40 mins : 75€
Intented massage either in the preparation or in the maintenance of the physical stats of the sportmen or in the recovery after the effort. He also allows to reduce the muscular cramps. Ideal fot the sportmen.
        *esthetic massage with not therapeutic virtue assured by practitioners of the weel-being.

Intensité : légèreEssential relaxation 55mins : 89€
Relaxation providing intense, immediate well-being.

Intensité : moyenneHot Stone Energy 55mins: 89€
Hot basalt stones glide over oiled skin enveloping you in a gentle warmth.

Intensité : moyenneAbhyanga (Ayurverdic) 55mins: 89€ - Bio
A delicious Indian-themed relaxation and well-being experience.

Intensité : appuyéeDesert Energy 55mins: 89€
This invigorating, energising massage works the body deeply to provide total muscle relaxation.

Intensité : appuyéeLomi-Lomi 60mins: 95€ - Bio
This deep Hawaiian beauty ritual will transport you to a tropical island. Perfect after a strenuous day.

Intensité : moyenneThe Balinese : 60 mins  : 95€ - NEW
Ancient Balinese techniques combining softness and tone for a harmony of the body of the spirit.
The perfumes of the frangipaniers flowers will accompany this moment of relaxation.

 Intensité : appuyéeDeep blue by Algotherm* 75mins: 125€
Relaxing Circuit: recharge your body and mind and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling luxurious.



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Price per person. Our treatments do not aim to provide medical results but to contribute to your well-being by providing relaxation.
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