Our facial treatments use Algotherm marine cosmetics.


AlgoEclat treatment 40 min: 55 €
Reveals the natural radiance of your skin with chic and elegant perfumes (make-up removing, modeling, mask, embellishment).
Care possible in duet.

Care AlgoIntense 55 min: 69 €
Flowery or powdery scents for total embellishment.
The care of the specific assets will be selected according to your type of skin (make-up removal, modeling, mask, embellishment, hand massage).
Care possible in duel.

AlgoPerformance Care 85 min: 99 €
Specific, targeted techniques for anti-aging actions and brightening of the complexion. It always begins with a ritual of beginning of care, followed by a massage of your hands during the installation of the mask for total relaxation.

PurEclat Care, 40min : 55 €
Removes impureties and reveals the beauty of your skin.


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*Access to the Well-Being and Aqua area comes free with any purchase of 50€ or over!

Price per person. Our treatments do not aim to provide medical results but to contribute to your well-being by providing relaxation.