Indulge in an experience treatment when you visit the Well-Being area!

Body-brushing 10mins: 18€
Luxurious body wrap in scented mousse, followed by a body brushing to reveal radiant skin.


Gommage corps au LoofahLoofah body scrub 10mins: 25€

Skin exfoliation with natural Loofah.

Loofah is a natural sponge that gently exfoliates your skin…





Four Senses LoungerFour Senses Lounger 25mins: 20€

A well-being cocoon, a multi-sensory relaxation experience. Stimulates sight, sound, smell and touch. The heat and gentle vibration relaxes your body.

A special aural composition, combined with a gently diffused scent, transports you into a state of meditation.

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 3hr Well-Being area admission + Four Senses Lounger for 40€.


Soin HydromassantHydromassage treatment 25mins: 25€

Targeted hydrojet massages (lymph-draining, sports massage...).

Experience weightlessness on a bed of water. The water massages your body according to your wishes, eliminating your muscle strain.

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 3hr Well-Being area admission + Hydromassage Treatment for 40€


 Active Plus Option (for Hydromassage treatment): included

Light, anti-ageing, aromatherapy, music, and ionization therapy. A new world of relaxation consisting of water, light, air, colour, scents and music for total relaxation. Round off the water massage with the guarantee of optimum relaxation.

Experience packs

3hr Well-Being area admission + your choice of experience treatment: 40€

  • Light legs 10 mins
  • Loofah body scrub 10 mins
  • Body-brushing 10 mins
  • Hydromassage treatment 25 mins
  • Four Senses Lounger 25 mins

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Experience treatment rates are an additional cost to admission and treatment rates. Our treatments do not aim to provide medical results but to contribute to your well-being by providing relaxation.