A Taste of Everything

At the heart of  Vitam, discover a contemporary-design restaurant with a warm, inviting atmosphere that's perfect for conversation and relaxation.

It's the ideal place to meet up, and equally suited to a business meeting as it is to a family lunch or a get-together after a sports or well-being session.

Its produce is carefully chosen for the quality of its flavour, and in the utmost respect for the expertise that produced it.

No garnish is purely decorative, vegetables are given their rightful place on the plate, and each ingredient is essential to the balance of the dish.

Finally, when it comes to service, our team is always available, attentive and friendly!


Grocery store 

You will find a large range of products :

  • Grocery : vinegars, oils, spices, chocolate, fruit juices, italian products…).  
    Brands : Alain Milliat, Valrhona, Serax, Urbani…
  • Gift ideas (decoration, kitchen goods)