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AQUABIKING consists of pedalling underwater to music, on a bike submerged in the swimming pool. A fun, trendy activity that provides a cardio-muscular workout whilst gently exercises the leg muscles (thighs, calves, buttocks). Sessions are led by an instructor who simulates a race with climbs and descents, telling you when to pedal standing up or sitting down depending on whether you're on a sprint or a gentle ride. You'll carry out a series of exercises that can be both gentle and intensive at the same time. All without putting excess strain on your joints thanks to the support of the water!

The ideal activity for:

  • firming the skin
  • strengthening the thighs and calves
  • increasing lung capacity
  • improving blood circulation

Required fitness level:

Level: Level

AQUABIKING is open to all abilities and participants. Like all sporting activities, there is a range of difficulties but the bike used for aquabiking comes fitted with a system that lets you regulate your own resistance level.

Aquabike Option:

It offers accès to every Aquabiking and X'trem bike class. It must be subscribed simultaneously with a 3 month or 1 year membership. Classes are submitted to prior booking.

-Membership aquagym : +300€ a year / +90€ the 3 months

-Membership other space : +360€ a year / 105€ the 3 months


Adults 17 € Book / Purchase online
Liberty pass 15.30 € Members / Liberty : book online
Lesson Membership Aqua/Aquagym 12€ Book / Purchase online

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