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Opened on the 9th of September 2009, Vitam is the premier leisure and well-being centre in the Haute-Savoie region. Created by the Migros group, Vitam is a standard bearer for the Swiss cooperative's values:

  • quality products and relationships between individuals,
  • access to leisure and well-being for everyone.


Situated at the foot of the Salève Mountain between Lake Léman, Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc, in the village of Neydens, Vitam was designed to blend in with its surrounding natural environment, and offer a world where water, fitness, well-being and shopping are one.

Well-being first

VITAM Leisure center Saint-Julien

Vitam is much more than a simple leisure centre: it is a well-being and active leisure hub for everyone to use and enjoy. With the opening of this site, Migros France aimed to create an intergenerational centre which strengthens social bonds, a place of culture and community through sport.

Via this new combination of activities, an alternative form of leisure and commerce is available for consumers: activities where the values of well-being, relaxation and pleasure are the top priority.